The Fluid Society


The Digital Challenge for Europe

Soon the book “The Digital Challenge for Europe” will be published, containing a large amount of information and ideas about the fluid society that is unfolding. Besides analyzing the effects of digitalization on people and humanity, the book addresses in particular the major issues that governments are now struggling with as a result of digitalization effects. Which forms of governance could possibly offer a solution to master the many issues that are nowat stake? Europe has been chosen as the starting point. First of all, because the author is most familiar with it. But also because Europe is already taking a number of important initiatives in the field of digital legislation. Nevertheless, Europe is still very much behind large countries such as the US and China. This book makes numerous suggestions to strengthen the European digital position in the years to come. This is badly needed for Europe's future prosperity and as an example of international cooperation in the digital society.

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A plea to think differently in the digital world

My second book, December 2020, is called: "A Plea for Thinking Differently in the Digital World". It is a collection of columns from this website about the influence of digitalisation on people and society. In which I conclude that we have to learn to think differently, more holistically and inclusively, in order to master the problems of our time. The new digital reality as well as the major world problems emphatically demand this.

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