The Fluid Society


The European Commission has noted for years ( that Europe has a great shortage of so-called e-leaders. People who both understand the digital world and have the management qualities to guide an organization through a digital transition. The European reports speak of a total pool of approximately 750,000 e-leaders and a shortage of approximately 200,000… Continue reading e-leaders


As long as humanity has developed technology, there is a fascination for the idea that you could make a fake human or robot. Now that it has gradually come to the point that enough intelligent computer power can be put into a waddling doll, with Sophia from Hong Kong as an example, many people are… Continue reading Robaloney

Digital Rule of Law

Digital Rule of Law Conference 2038. In 2038, China organized a major cyber conference with Europe and the US on the establishment of a global digital rule of law. The digitization of society had completely got out of hand and the disruptions in almost every area were so great that there was hardly any normal… Continue reading Digital Rule of Law

TaskForce E-skills final report

At the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, I chaired the TaskForce E-Skills for the past year and a half ( ) The founding of the TaskForce was prompted by a European study that showed that Europe and the Netherlands are increasingly lacking much-needed IT knowledge and skills, the so-called e-skills. Not… Continue reading TaskForce E-skills final report