The Fluid Society

Is digitalization our salvation?

Image created using ChatGPT and DALL-E, AI technologies by OpenAI. Three Major Transformations The world is currently in the midst of a number of significant transformations. From Physical to Thinking Being. What’s happening? Humans have been evolving for decades, but now this process is accelerated by digital advancements, from a physical being supported by brains… Continue reading Is digitalization our salvation?

Democracy is Broken. What Now?

Democracies are failing. What should you do as citizen?

New World Order: the Fluid Society

(the picture is generated with DALL-E 2023) Conflicts are on the rise. The world is descending into increasing chaos. It is becoming increasingly clear that humanity, with its current way of operating or governing, is not capable of living together in a balanced or sensible manner, neither with each other nor with the surrounding nature.… Continue reading New World Order: the Fluid Society

Can humanity still save humanity?

There is no denying that the world is currently facing a dramatic situation..We are living in a consumer society that has outgrown its capacity, As a result our natural environment is gradually collapsing.So much so that numerous scientists in the fields of climate, biodiversity, resources and biology, believe that in their areas, the points of… Continue reading Can humanity still save humanity?

Control needed in the digital world

Digital networks. Digital networks are expanding around the world at an unprecedented rate. Every family, association, institute, government, organisation or company creates digital networks in order to communicate, work, exchange information and do business with each other worldwide. Networks of like-minded people who help each other, communicate with each other, share emotions and feelings, emerge… Continue reading Control needed in the digital world

Digital Democracy

On social media numerous discussions are taking place about the influence of Big Tech on society, about the danger of a digital ID that is supposedly being developed through the QR code, about a “Great Reset” that the World Economic Forum is advocating. The fact is that traditional society is being overrun by a digital… Continue reading Digital Democracy

Digital Utilities

This blog is the paragraph on “digital utilities” from the book “The Digital Challenge for Europe Exponential growth and dominance of tech giants There is a lot going on right now around the world’s major tech giants. Approximately 90% of the 70 largest Tech Giants operate from the US and China and dominate almost all… Continue reading Digital Utilities

Our thinking gets in the way of solutions

Politicians fail. Anyone who addresses problems in meetings that the world is currently struggling with, quickly comes up with the question to what extent people expect ‘politics’ to solve those problems. The recently published IPCC report, widely embraced by scientists and the public alike, is another good test case. The general answer to this question… Continue reading Our thinking gets in the way of solutions

Society in digital transformation

Reordering the world. The world is becoming more digital every day, to the extent that more and more transactions between people and organizations, as well as between organizations themselves, are taking place digitally. Digitalization is rearranging the world. Numerous new networks are created worldwide, through which organizations have contact with each other, do business with… Continue reading Society in digital transformation

Debunking Strategic Autonomy ; Paul Timmers

The article is reproduced with the author’s permission from Directions Cyber Digital Europe, 23 July 2021 Strategic autonomy continues to be “hot” in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. Not a week passes without a new policy proposal by the European Commission or a letter from a number of European Heads of State urging the strengthening of… Continue reading Debunking Strategic Autonomy ; Paul Timmers