The Fluid Society

European Corona App ?

All European countries are looking for a Corona App to contain the corona pandemic and better protect their citizens. Of course, the privacy experts immediately dived into this issue. After all, privacy must be guaranteed under all circumstances, or not? As long as the different countries approach this issue as a national problem, one thing… Continue reading European Corona App ?

Corona exit through competition or more cooperation?

Now that the corona pandemic is widespread, all governments in the world are purchasing medical devices, medicines and equipment. The hallmark of a pandemic is that it is developing exponentially. This means in practice that there was almost immediately a lack of all necessary equipment. So every government went to great lengths to stock up… Continue reading Corona exit through competition or more cooperation?

Corona virus boosts digitization

The Corona virus that grips the world is a typical phenomenon associated with the physical world. The digital world, in which an increasing part of the world economy takes place, has little trouble on the contrary. The Corona virus therefore gives a great boost to the further digitization of society and will also strongly influence… Continue reading Corona virus boosts digitization

Huawei, ASML & Europe

China-USA technology battle. The world is moving up to a real technology battle between China and the US. Both powers understand that economic power depends on technological strength. Both countries are therefore making great efforts to become technologically strong and are now trying to prevent the other party from becoming too strong. The Huawei and ASML… Continue reading Huawei, ASML & Europe

Digital Communities ?

Borders? Natural boundaries are clear. If a river cuts through a landscape, you may get different landscapes on either side of the river and partly different ecosystems. Apparently they are two different worlds. But if you observe more closely, you will notice that wind, water, birds, animals, dust and microbes effortlessly cross the river. It is… Continue reading Digital Communities ?

The Nation State: threat for a better world ?

Why are there populists ? Populist movements stand up for the preservation of the sovereign nation-state. These movements fear that sovereignty will flow “abroad” or to international institutes and argue for the preservation of a strong national economy, a unified population and national culture. They also criticize migration and the influx of foreign people in general.… Continue reading The Nation State: threat for a better world ?

Digital Transition Phase

Transition phase. That humanity is in phase transition on its way to a digitalised society (the fluid society) will gradually become clear to everyone. Where that digitised society differs from the current one, however, is another point. The vast majority of people believe that the current basic structure of the world will remain more or less… Continue reading Digital Transition Phase

Contract for the Web

Contract for the web. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, posted an article in the New York Times on November 24 in which he announced the “Contract for the Web”. His main concern is that the internet, which started very idealistically around 30 years ago, is being abused step by step by criminals, people spreading fake news… Continue reading Contract for the Web

The Digital Black Hole

Governments are losing control. Society is being drawn into the digital world step by step. Digital platforms, cyber criminals, the super rich and dubious regimes increase their power in a world in which the digital economy will soon dominate the classical economy. Due to lagging legislation and national impotence, governments are losing control over digital companies,… Continue reading The Digital Black Hole

Five points of attention for the CIO in uncertain times

In my previous opinion piece I wrote about a number of dilemmas that the current CIO can face, against the background of the political instability caused by the economic confrontations between the US and China. At that time, I offered to give concrete guidance with which the CIO can confidently enter the boardroom. Below five points of… Continue reading Five points of attention for the CIO in uncertain times